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  • This page has the notes from the eBook telecon discussions:

Ebook discussion Oct 11, 2016

Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds

Agenda for today:

  • Book title
  • What else should be in the eBook?

Book Title draft

  • Title: Got a Drone? Try this!

Contents of eBook

  • 4 activities from team members
  • Re-do the safety pre-flight checklist and flight log as activity suggestions?
    • Or end of book have a section For You and Your Parents:
      • Pre-flight checklist
      • Flight log
      • B4-U Fly
  • Does the drone cluster have activities to contribute?
  • Do Fun-ding Friday recipients have activities to contribute?
  • When giving directions, make them like suggestions
    • Collect & Organize your data: Make a chart similar to this ; Expand as needed

Of note:

  • 4H did an event with drone - youth and educators!
    • had kits with the materials
    • coding for modifying the flight

Ebook discussion Oct 5, 2016

Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds

Agenda for today:

  • Discussion about Ebook production
  • NSTA conferences coming up.

Timeline 1) Finish the draft activities 2)Develop Survey 3)Send email for input to the teachers


  • Action: LuAnn will collate the activities
  • Book for now will be in PDF and docx formats

Follow up to workshops

  • Done! Action: Margaret contacting Beck Reid about gift cards
  • Action: Shelley: to draft the email to two groups - Send to team for review
  • Customized - for Denver participants vs Summer workshop -
  • Offering $50 Amazon gift card if they do xyz
  • Ebook - will include the safety checklist sheet & Flight log
  • Email will come from the esip ed email address (ESIP Education <education -at->)
    • Done! Action Shelley will send a test email etc. , ask Dan/Erin to update. (FYI, its a google group)


  • Due now! LuAnn is drafting and will send to Education Committee for input and revisions.

NSTA Conference prep

  • Done! Action: Shelley to send hovering drone to Margarette (after sorting the pieces)

Ebook discussion Sept 28, 2016

Telecom Ebook discussion Sept 28 Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds, Dan Zalles

Agenda for today:

  • Discussion about Ebook production
  • NSTA conferences coming up.


  • Preston has a new job! Not sure if he’ll be able to continue the ESIP Education.
    • Therefore need someone to step up for eBook shepherding

NSTA conferences

  • Using slides from NSTA Denver Forum as foundation
  • Checking back with NSTA that they received the safety confirmations (they have)
  • Decision: by NSTA - Need draft activity materials to share with participants
  • (done) Check back by Oct 5 to see if we are a go on Portland. - yes

UCAR and drones

  • Margarette - response - Randy Russel - UCAR
  • Some of the activities are similar to our activities (which is fine)
  • They will have a summer camp vs ESIP putting out an eBook
  • They also have a simulation with drones to do aerial survey of a disaster area


  • Looked at DISSCE as a template
  • For now there is a log-in until the new server is finished being updated. DICCE demo” for user and “climate” for password, - -
  • geared to be a lesson plan interface. Shareable and modifiable. We will show this as a 'formal' example in survey.
  • eBook Requirements
    • graphic design
    • kid friendly
  • Guidance about the ebook and content: We are being opportunistic - the bull’s-eyes is that the educators have learners who have drones - and they know how to fly - and want to do something with the drone.

Action items:

  • 4 activities ready by October 28 -
  • Meet weekly to prepare.