Education/Telecon 2019-10-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

October 17, 2019 @ 2pm ET

Participants: Megan Carter, Becky Reid, James Acker, Elizabeth Joyner, Nancy Hoelbelheinrich, Robert Downs, Shelley Olds, Becky Reid, Erin Robinson, Margaret Mooney , Agbeli Ameko, Catherine Cramer


1. News from Program Committee

  • Budget has been approved! See link below.
    • Budget update—Approved! Click here to view
  • Summer Meeting in Burlington, VT
    • Have contact in Burlington--- may be able to help us with contacts for the summer workshop

2. AGU

  • GIFT workshop?
    • Are sessions chosen? Contact Carla?
    • Share-a-thon - share our coding project; advertising the summer workshop; Advertise out to lunches;
  • ESIP will have a Data fair and data help desk - share our resources; volunteer booth time ; has ‘workshop’ space in booth area
  • AGU Poster update
    • Abstract ID: 631602
    • Abstract Title: Fostering Computational Skills in Secondary Education Earth Sciences through Jupyter Notebooks
    • Final Paper Number*: ED53F-0903
    • Presentation Type: Poster
    • Session Date and Time: Friday, 13 December 2019; 13:40 - 18:00
    • Session Number and Title: ED53F: Linking Education and Research with Jupyter II Posters
    • Location: Moscone South, Poster Hall
  • Folder for AGU abstract and poster

3. ESIP Winter sessions due Oct 18

  • Accelerating convergence of earth and space data in teaching and learning through participatory design. Link to session proposal from NEREID - Catherine Cramer
    • Tools: online; software;
  • Making connection with local educators and getting input
  • Note: could someone move this folder on the drive be moved under the Workshops, sessions, meetings folder?
  • Teachers to contact
  • E. Joyner’s contribution, per Trena Ferrell’s (GSFC) recommendation:
    • Reid Temple Christian Academy ..Dr. Donnette Dais.
      • Dr. Donnette Dais <>
      • 1-2 teachers to attend one day of the ESIP meeting
        • Supported to pay substituted for $150
        • Long term relationship at the schools (adopt a school)
        • Support the same school
        • Margaret to write up a blurb for teachers and for them to their administrators
        • Attend Catherine’s working session to develop tools for teachers
          • Teachers provide input

4. NEREID workshop - Nov 21 - 22; Greenbanks Observatory

  • Catherine Cramer will send more info

5. (potential) Collaboration with ESIP Lab project :

  • Weather station development & deployment as a data science & earth science learning tool, Jupyter notebook - how the data we collect can help decision making, engineering design.
  • Project summary - Community Open Data and Experimental Mesonet (CODE-M) | Agbeli Ameko, NCAR

6. Interest in becoming directly involved in committee: Keith Maull & Catherine Cramer

7. Session collaboration with Catherine Cramer. Accelerating convergence of earth and space data in teaching and learning through participatory design. Click Here

8. Looking ahead ..

  • ESIP Summer Meeting in Burlington, VT
  • July 7-10, 2020

9. Presentation by Agbeli Ameko

  • They want help with user testing of the stations, building NGSS lesson plans and activities, distribution to educators.