Education/Telecon 2019-09-19

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

September 19, 2019 @ 2pm ET

Participants: Becky Reid, Elizabeth Joyner, Margaret Mooney, LuAnn Dahlman, Megan Carter, Katy Rico


1. News from the Program Committee:

  • Meetings committee is spinning up - first meeting 9/30
  • Still no definite Summer Meeting location - but will be somewhere in the Northeast
    • Asheville, NC? Week of July 6th or 27th?
    • Ed Committee is hoping for the week of the 27th
  • AGU
    • Call out for Ignite@AGU talks Hosted at Planet Labs Headquarters
    • Present at GIFT Workshop? Shelley as the Scientist? Becky with block coding? Becky will talk to Shelley about this
      • Climate Explorer for GIFT - LuAnn may find a scientist partner and present
  • Call for Community Fellows - due 10/7
    • What can we ask of a fellow? What can we do to enhance their growth?
    • Inventory & document education offerings throughout ESIP
    • NGSS - Phenomenon
    • Preservice Teacher? Elizabeth may have some contacts. Can we bring in a different type of fellow? Current teacher?
    • Margaret will begin our application, Becky will submit

2. VSTA Meeting in Vermont—Not attending

3. Winter Meeting - Planning 2 working sessions

4. Identifying a school in D.C. area (or learning organization!)

  • Elizabeth knows the Science Supervisor for Prince George County School Division in DC area. She will continue to try to make contact
  • Put out word to ESIP-All that we are looking for a school in DC
  • Ask Jim Acker at Goddard for possible contacts

5. Two sessions @ Winter Meeting

  • Work with teachers to determine needs, what we can offer as support, and next steps
  • Big Data - role of BD, Careers, why students should be data literate - lead to white paper for ourselves - strategic planning for ESIP Ed & data.

6. Cluster Plan Template (Could be useful for us as well)

7. Haslem… Got Pocket Lab Airs attempting to get momentum going with one of our Middle School science classes to create some lesson plans. I am working to create an interactive google map that we will put data on and possibly create ArcGIS story maps about the data points and a spreadsheet…. Link below: Please explore and let me know what you think