Education/Telecon 2019-08-15

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

August 15, 2019 @ 2pm ET

Participants: Becky Reid, Shelley Olds, Elizabeth Joyner, Patricia Reiff, Megan Carter


Budget Day!

1. Data tool - Out to Lunch -

  • Margaret not leading
  • Fall: Pat - Transit of Mercury… early November … Before Nov 11 ;
    • Hold it Wed 6th
    • Live webcam
    • Crosses the middle of the Sun
    • Next is 2032
  • Kalo - Spring - 20 minute
  • Becky to enlist
  • Rotate the moderating
  • We’ll talk more next meeting

2. Learn to code initiative -

  • Continuing? Yes. to be planned in detail.
  • Goal for attending Vermont meeting is to give folks a taste of what they could do at the upcoming summer meeting
  • ESIP Hub is no longer available. We could use Google Collaboratory?
  • LuAnn has an idea for showing how to use coding to request info from ACIS (applied climate information service) to produce climate graphs. Environment may be less constrained.
  • Another idea: Take Jupyter code (python) and turn it into block coding. (Jupyter environment is pretty complex and has LOTS of dependencies.
  • We also have Scratch / Blockly examples from Becky. Coding to explore Earth / Data Science.
  • Shelley is working on a tephra/volcanic example through Concord Consortium.
  • Here’s another tool that we could use:
  • Budget:
    • Winter meeting working session (2 + chair) [2 sessions same $$]
    • Instructional / curriculum to build the in-between steps to get teachers from scratch to Jupyter
      • How this relates to ESS
      • Pull in myNASAdata?
      • Use images (from GOES / myNASAdata) to linking to make these happen
    • Make contact with a local science teacher (coordinator/supervisor) / after school leader to bring to the Winter Meeting (Substitute teacher funding + local travel)
  • Summer teacher workshop
    • This is part of the main ESIP budget - remind Erin that it goes into the main budget.

3. Share ESIP learning resources via workshops/ conferences

  • Adopt a school in DC area - underserved
    • Boy’s & Girl’s club, Girl’s Inc;
    • We bring geoscience data science and Jupyter notebook - to understand the world works ;
    • Girl (/Boy) Scouts - STEM badges & journeys (longer more involved);
    • How to get a contact in the DC - GIFT workshop teacher list from AGU 2018? … Elizabeth has a contact - - Dr. Gofrey Rangasammy - science supervisor K-12 for Prince George’s County School.
      • Dr. Godfrey Rangasammy
      • Science Supervisor, K-12
    • Goals / objectives before reaching out…
    • Budget: [stipend that covers substitutes] Or bring in a few teachers for observation and feedback for winter meeting
  • Fall conferences - with focus on local conference will be close to next ESIP Summer Meeting
    • Budget: travel for 4
  • Present @ AGU - Budget: for 1 for 2 nights

4. ESIP Ed PocketLab - we don’t need to put it in the 2020 budget since its already allocated.