Education/Telecon 2019-06-26

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

June 26, 2019 @ 3pm ET

Participants: Becky Reid, Margaret Mooney, Megan Carter, Shelley Olds, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Katy Rico, LuAnn Dahlman, James Acker


1. Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich - ESIP-hosted Data Management Training Clearinghouse (DMTC) (

  • Wants to enhance the Clearinghouse by coming up with an assessment framework for the content in the clearinghouse
  • DMTC contains metadata for resources on research data management, tasks associated with the research and data life cycle, etc.
  • Includes videos, MOOCs, only metadata NOT resources themselves
  • In terms of assessment framework, interested in getting educators to join discussions of what kinds of assessments are feasible
    • Traditional learning objectives & outcome or something else??
    • ESIP Summer Meeting Session: Assessment Frameworks and Dimensions for Educational & Training Resources, Wednesday July 17th at 10:30 am: See more info at
  • Budget Talk

2. Review 2019 budget (in Education Committee Team Drive)

  • Dream a bit about 2020: Brainstorm ideas, no decisions yet
    • Is NSTA regional worth the monetary investment?-- low numbers
    • Thinking about summer meeting content/how to advertise to regional teachers
      • Survey/solicit feedback from teachers that we reached out to this year to see why they did not sign up?
        • Was it the content? Registration? The announcement?
      • Next meeting in Vermont
      • Identify regional meeting where ESIP will be, advertise summer meeting to teachers there
        • October 24th meeting in Vermont; see below
    • October 24th meeting in Vermont; applications due in July
      • Margaret to take the lead
      • Redirect other (NSTA regional) funds?
    • Adopt a school in the DC area to revisit each Winter Meeting?
      • Tailored to teacher’s needs
      • Use as a testing ground for ESIP Ed content/materials
      • Potential schools?
      • Fund teachers to go to Goddard to work with Jim Acker/Giovanni?

3. Teacher Workshop Update

  • 12 registrants currently
  • Spinning up Jupyter
  • Need questions from LuAnn/Shelley to put on the feedback forms/surveys
    • Do pre- and post-

4. Next Meeting - Scheduled for July 18th - Skip or reschedule?

  • Skip but email about budget