Education/Telecon 2018-11-18

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

23:12, 14 November 2018 (EST)~~ Nov 14 @ 2:30 pm, 2018

Participants: Katy Rico Margaret Mooney Megan Carter Shelley Olds Alan Gould Kalo Haslem LuAnn Dahlman Robert Downs

Agenda: 1. Introducing our ESIP Fellow: Kathryn Rico from University of Michigan!

2. Sean Gordon will provide an introduction about Jupyter Notebooks. Then discussion about the Learn to code initiative for teachers.

  • Winter Meeting session proposal due COB Friday November 2016, 2018; this has been submitted
  • Sean Gordan- Jupyter workshop consultant:
  • Curate a collection of potential notebook examples
  • Prepare ESIPhub environment for curated collection
  • Set up user accounts on ESIPhub
  • Guide exploration through selected examples
  • help develop a "storyboard" to illustrate the power and value of exploring and manipulating notebooks
  • Provide guidance to build pedagogical supports into one or more existing examples for use at the workshop

3. Out2Lunch Webinars- Spring talk recruitment

  • Concord Consortium-- Amy Pallent
  • Randy Russel
  • John Pickel
  • Jupyter Notebooks

4. ESIP Education Handout draft

  • add CLEAN resources on there
  • remove pinterest, instagram, consider removing image at the top,
  • Add how to get involved (Education listserv), etc.
  • Put up the Out2 lunch link - as the header
  • Link to email listserv

5. NSTA Charlotte regional conference November 2018-- Kalo Haslem share materials:

  • Share-a-thon Thursday
  • Out2Lunch
  • Handout
  • Drone handout

6. Logistics of purchasing and recruiting: ESIP Education PocketLab Technology Permanent Loan & Lending Library

  • Will be able to build on the ipad library that Margaret Mooney had done - checked out to teachers
  • Ping Margaret for lessons learned - comprehensive sign out procedure
  • Kalo is looking to partner w/ university near by for lesson planning w/ the Pocket Labs, science ed grad students

7. Hour of Code is nigh and everyone is welcome: December 3-9, 2018:

  • Novice: try one out!
  • Parent: Work with your child(ren) to do a coding activity
  • Expert: try one out! See where our next generation is starting… what can you contribute?
  • Lots of topics from arts to science, lots of languages, lots of technologies