Education/Telecon 2018-10-18

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

23:12, 14 November 2018 (MST)~~ Oct 18 @ 2pm, 2018

Participants: Becky Reid Margaret Mooney Jim Acker LuAnn Dahlman Megan Carter Bob Downs Patricia Reiff

Agenda: 1. Introducing: Megan Carter, ESIP’s New Community Director

2. Budget update

3. Call for Sessions | 2019 ESIP Winter Meeting, January 15 - 17, Bethesda, MD: Scicom session - might have a session that LuAnn would participate in if going.

4. Handout of ESIP member ed pages/tools Pull from Out2Lunch pages as well One Page - double sided ?

5. Call for Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data, Information, and Applications: the important role education plays in enhancing/contributing to the socioeconomic value of Earth Science data. Who is the audience 20 -25 minute Bob Downs had given a talk on the Geovalue book - Bob’s one of the authors. Methodological approaches to assessing value of data (economic, bibliometric, qualitative methods). We can say no.

6. Upcoming education events: NSTA regional Charlotte Out to Lunch

7. Highlights from the ESIP program committee meeting budget info. 20th Anniversary Time Capsule reminder and invitation for input Ignite@AGU - Wednesday, December 12 at Poets and Busboys; Call for talks will be out next week. 2019 ESIP Winter Meeting - Jan 15-17, 2019 2019 ESIP Summer Meeting - July 16-19, Tacoma, WA (Tentative) Anyone that is interested in becoming ESIP EdComm chair should email the team at Endorsement and ESIP logo - ongoing discussions ESIP award culture: Award Calendar Draft about Award Culture: ESIP as a Community with an Award Culture, written by Christine White An award culture is a community that notices and promotes the good work of others. Because promoting the good work of others takes time and practice, becoming an award culture is a process and not a destination. Sending a letter of introduction, filling out an award application, or even writing an authentic “Thank you” letter can be inconvenient. Yet doing so builds up the positive mindset and reputation of our colleagues and our field, adding to the strength required to work on the challenges of our day. ESIP’s values – openness, participation, inclusiveness, and innovation - are about supporting one another and growing together. Experienced professionals are often good at calling attention to their own contributions. Early and mid-career professionals sometimes need encouragement to do this. Being an award culture means holding up contributions from all types of professionals, giving them place and permission to offer their whole multi-faceted selves and even self-nominate to share their achievements. And finally, award culture can include helping others – or oneself – attain actual awards. As you know, ESIP’s Program Committee has an Award Calendar for ESIP members to access and add award opportunities as we all become aware of them.