Education/Telecon 2018-06-13

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

June 13, 2018 Monthly meeting Agenda - Find our running notes Google Doc here. At this point we have these agenda items:

Attendees: Patrick Chandler Shelley Olds LuAnn Dahlman Elizabeth Joyner Becky Reid Kalo Haslem Carla McAuliffe Margaret Mooney Erin Robinson

Agenda Team To do: Connect to your teacher networks in Arizona (and region)

Excom updates

Slack as communication tool to send the slides

Workshop updates?

Combo of Scratch and Ozobot

Group fun activity Thinkfun Rover:

Evening Zoom w/ Carla & Elizabeth (Central time)

Teacher recruitment: Individual calls to recruit teachers (went out to ASTA teachers, June 1) - cap of 15 (... 20 officially)

Sent to AZ Association of Science Teachers - emailed and Facebook

Sent cold emails to AZ science teachers

Sent to AZ A ST - it was in newsletter on page 24 (Under computing)

Sent to local teacher who posted to local list

Will NESTA Facebook post again

Patrick: sending to CLEAN network again

To send the workshop teachers: Teachers to bring: computers & iPads/tablet: there are apps for Ozobots , (scratch on laptops / Google chromebooks). Watch the May Out2Lunch. Bring your own dongles for USB plugs)

Start of discussion of 2019 budget items… Teacher Workshop

Presenting @ NSTA (have an abstract in) - St. Louis (National): April. 11–14, 2019 (

Budget to help w/ regional shareathon

Charlotte!!! There will be a share a thon -- Kalo?... Regional NSTA - Charlotte - put in budget to help offset costs for Kalo as ESIP person

Reno: Oct. 11–13, 2018

National Harbor (MD): Nov. 15–17, 2018

Charlotte: Nov. 29–Dec. 1, 2018

Consider a regional for 2019

GSA conference - present & great for recruitment for next summer workshop (too late for 2018)

You can do even more if you come to the summer workshop

Sponsoring SACNAS student - Earth Science focus ($1000) (

? Budget to present @ GIFT workshop - in DC, deadline Aug 31


? Budget to support student @ EER ? ... ESIP summer workshop location (under discussion) … could it be with EER?

To continue this in our Fall discussion - more Earth Science,

Consider: classic tools of NOAA (Climate portal) and NASA (90 World View)

My NASA Data - redesigned! - rolling out

Giovani - restructured! - more engaging for non-scientists - more data layers

Remember that NESTA will sponsor, support, and promote

Kalo haslem (to All):

ESIP in Australia -- might be a connection with scientists in the classroom in Australia

Contact: Vicki Stavropoulos, CSIRO Education & Outreach (

Scientist - Teacher partnerships @ AGU (w/ NESTA, NAGT sponsorship) - maybe the Australia ESIP would be interested in being involved.

No Call in July Yes to call in August