Education/Telecon 2018-04-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

April 11: Monthly call

Attendees: Shelley Olds LuAnn Dahlman Margaret Mooney Carla McAuliffe Kalo Haslem Elizabeth Joyner

Agenda ESIP slides for summer meeting (Due: mid-May) Excom (Program committee) updates (if any) Summer workshop

Discussion - Take notes here:

Slides for Summer meeting: Becky might have some slides Margaret has slides - Taking lead!


  • Attract people to your committee/cluster work
  • Help ESIP understand what you are doing, coordinating synergistic activities

Preferred Format: 4:3 1024x768 (Standard for PPT and Keynote)

Content suggestions for slides:

  • Leadership and mission/goals of committee/cluster
  • 1-2 KEY Questions that your work seeks to answer (This is really good discussion to have!)
   * Connect to the strategic plan, if it does, or how the strategic plan might need to change in the future
  • Activities you’ve accomplished in the past year
  • Activities you have planned for the coming year
  • Good graphics are a PLUS
  • Connections you have with other clusters/committees/ organizations
   * Or connections/wants that you might have

Excom (Program committee) updates (if any) Tracking of our goals/ tasks throughout the year

Done -- Implementation plan - Shelley to post

Summer Meeting update: July 18, Wednesday 11:30 - Welcome and ESIP overview 11:45 - Coding (Becky) 1:00 - LUNCH (at educator tables) 2:00 – Coding Gadgets (Kalo) - each teacher will receive a ‘gadget’ (tbd) to take back to their classroom.

   Show/tell gadgets - ozobot: how it works, video of it, show a project from class ; makey-makey; parallax robot (has sensors) (uses block coding & c coding) (to show how it works) 
   Setting up stations - that teachers can work at
   [a few minutes] 

3:30 – Break 3:45 – Mini-ignite STEM Treasure-trove – 10-minute data resource talks UNAVCO Velocity Viewer CIMSS GOES-16/17 Virtual Science Fair NOAA Climate Explorer and Data Snapshots SEDAC Map Viewer ESIP/UCAR Drone Resources 4:45 – Brainstorm & Collaborate session. Work together to integrate tools into classroom teaching. [teachers talk about they learn and how to integrate] - Shelley lead 5:15 - Drone raffle (2 teachers will take home a recreational drone!) 5:20 - Evaluation and wrap-up - Margaret lead 5:30 – Adjourn

Adding in App inventor - from MIT / android and IOS - there’s weather stations that students can pull data into the app ; pull in eq data; Cody Short developed some of this - worked with Space Grant program - now working with DOD to work w/ kids ; Registration - will open -- Advertising the workshop Carla - AZ state teachers association (this went out on May 1, 2018) ; don’t plug into the NESTA facebook group. LuAnn Shelley

Also advertise the out2lunch the local teachers

Kalo - will be advertise to the North Carolina - SE region

NESTA - is doing a share-a-thon at each region if ESIP - Charlotte, NC (November 29 - Dec 1); Reno, NV (October); National Harbor, MD (mid-Nov) Kalo will try to go to the Charlotte regional NSTA (NC leadership association) (November 29 - Dec 1) - could share coding gadgets National conference (St. Louis, MO) - session due April 16 - Shelley to lead (Kalo interested )

Other gadgets - went with something that could be digital and nondigital; Sphero - didn’t go with. Pocketlab - scratch pairing - next year!