Education/Telecon 2017-11-08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

November 8, 2017 Meeting Notes


  1. Exploring Coding Book Club
  2. ESRI Imagery Education Summit
  3. Update on Survey of ESIP member & Education materials
  4. Milwaukee NSTA
  5. Transition of Fellows

1. Update/summary of Exploring Coding "book club" Nov 1 session (session and summary are here:, discussion, and 'assignment' for next session.

  • Exciting and fun to do something new!
  • Carol Engelmann (sp?) - STEM w/ teachers program, working on a visual coding language that is Python. Shelley seeing if she can find more on this.
  • Book club meeting coming up: Next Wednesday (Nov 15th) after Out2Lunch

2. Esri Imagery Education Summit discussion: ESIP Education is sending Becky Reid to this meeting as our ESIP Ed rep. Her tasks so far:

  • Look for examples of coding opportunities,
  • Provide expertise as a teacher in the discussion about ESRI user interface development
  • Provide a v. brief shout out of ESIP Education and what we do, if the opportunity arises and
  • Low priority- Seeing if ESRI is interested in data from ESIP members, (eg if an ESRI speaker mentions, ‘oh I wish we had data on [some Earth science field]’) - the purpose is to help ESIP members disseminate their data more widely. (for example, interest in plate motion velocity data)

3. Update on Survey of ESIP members on educational materials - add your info!

FYI - link to the survey is: Question 1: What is your institution and the title of your education program / project / office / group? Question 2: Please provide the url to the top level education page that you would like listed on ESIP: Question 3: What are the main topics and purpose of this area? Question 3.5: Your organization's education contact information: Name: Email: Phone number: Please DO NOT post contact information online (if the box is checked, we will not post your contact information online)

  • In the next, will include a deadline (have 3 responses to date)
  • Subject: Do you have an Education program? Here’s your chance to Promote your Education Content! Through ESIP’s website - give 2 week deadline - we’re trying to identify the members who have education program
  • Shelley : to send to ESIP Education list serv
  • Should be focused on the members of ESIP
  • Send to ESP-all; ESIP-education first as the only item
  • Results compilation: list of different programs and projects within this realm
  • Discussion:
What advice would we give programs that do not have ed programs?
How to share the tools further …
Proposal: “Do you have a tool that would be useful in k-12 setting? Would you be willing to present on an Out2Lunch presentation?”
Want to ensure that people don’t feel burdened to put every education initiative
Where to post: List on the wiki with additional listings - maybe on the ESIP website?
Need to think about where we want the list and how we want to connect that list
Margaret: follow up with those after the Out2Lunch to do the survey
Proposal: pull together some advice for PIs about how to help with education
Add to the larger survey from Partnership - Likert scale - importance/concern of K-12 science education (involvement)
AGI: policy document on earth sciences - is there a way to provide input into this document?

4. Milwaukee NSTA

  • Won’t be able to use the drone, but will be doing a drawing for drones
  • Kalo, would appreciate sending any good resources

5. Transition of Fellows

  • New fellow coming in January - Patrick!