Education/Telecon 2017-03-14

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Agenda Items for Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017

Attendees: Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds, LuAnn Dahlman, Bruce Caron, Kalo Haslem, Robert Downs, Johanna Bozuwa

Topics for meeting

  • Summer workshop planning for ESIP summer meeting (Submit your session here submit session. Sessions will be accepted until COB Monday, April 10, 2017 ESIP Summer meeting information .)
    • Title - Making Data Matter with Drones
  • Drones will be available to teachers both at ESIP Summer Meeting and Rendezvous
  • Best to have the drones intro first to get teachers engaged, then transition to presentations. Presentations are important because they engage a larger ESIP audience.
  • Action Item to Margaret, write up a title and description for comments, submit ESIP summer meeting before the 10th


  • Bob is available for a presentation on their new MapViewer and iPhone app.
 - Action item to Bob to send description and links to potential presentation
  • Kalo to do a presentation on his drones activities in the classroom. Adds authenticity to the experience.
 - Action item to check if we can provide him with travel funds to attend. 
  • Forrest Mims would be a good person to approach.
 - Action item to LuAnn, reach out and invite him to talk. If he isn't coming, potentially do remotely via GoToMeeting

Date & Timing

  • Tuesday or Thursday would be best. Thursday may be preferred because then teachers can stick around for Funding Friday
 - Check in with Drones cluster so that the sessions don't overlap


  • Youtube channel available now
  • Dan Zalles - maybe one component of the data tool instead of the whole case study.
 - Action item to Shelley, reach out and see interest
  • Bob Downs - fall Out2Lunch
 - Action item to Shelley, reach out to coordinate time (closer to time)


  • To discuss next meeting: what are the next steps for the evoke?
 - Action item to LuAnn and Shelley, review ebook content again and determine next steps 

Previous Meeting Action Items

  • Action Item Margaret to send out advertisement once the final schedule has been solidified - result: done!
  • Action Item Johanna to cut previous videos into 10 minutes and send out confirmation that they should be archived - result: available on ESIP YouTube playlist |
  • Action Item: Bob and Shelley to connect and do a pre-recorded session. - result: not scheduled yet
  • Action Item: Dan to send copy of case study to ESIP Education listserv - result: done! Suggestion of choosing one data tool to feature
  • Action Item: LuAnn to modify eBook survey and put the survey up on the wiki with the link to the online eBook - result: is the survey necessary?
  • Action Item: Margaret to email Erin for clarification about the budget - result: ends in September
  • Action Item: Preston to investigate if we were accepted or not. - result: the session went into a black hole.

Video of the Session: