Education/Telecon 2017-02-14

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Agenda Items for Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

Attendees: Shelley Olds, Margaret Mooney, Alan Gould, Preston Lewis, Johanna Bozuwa, LuAnn Dahlman, Patricia Reiff, Robert Downs, Dan Zalles 0) Welcome back Johanna! Link to Johanna Bozuwa, second year ESIP Fellow

1) Winter meeting report out

2) Out to Lunch -

contact listservs we all have, ESIP teachers, presenter's networks, ESIP Facebook & twitter, etc.
Action Item Margaret to send out advertisement once the final schedule has been solidified
processing of recorded sessions
connect from the wiki to the site and on youtube
Action Item Johanna to cut previous videos into 10 minutes and send out confirmation that they should be archived
posting schedule

OUT 2 LUNCH, Wednesdays at noon EST - 10 minute talks with 5 minutes Q&A

March 8th - Climate Explorer, LuAnn Dahlman, NOAA CPO
March 22nd - NEO, Stephanie Schollaert Uz, NASA Goddard
April 5th -
April 19th- GLOBE cloud apps & S'COOl, Sara McCrea, NASA Langley
May 3rd-
May 17th - Watching the August Solar Eclipse safely, Pat Reiff, Rice University
Potential Presentations
-Giovanni may be a good tool to showcase, better for learners to have a user do the tutorial (Betsy Youngman?)
- NASA Worldbiew
- Bob interested in presenting, but maybe not in a live audience
Action Item: Bob and Shelley to connect and do a pre-recorded session.
-Dan interested in presenting a recent case study that may be pertinent.
Action Item: Dan to send copy of case study to ESIP Education listserv

3) eBook next steps (discussion)

Feedback on eBook ? / Survey results
- A few teachers indicated that they were interested in participated but not an overwhelming response. Only 2 have filled out the survey. Could resend and as for a response within the next two months.
Action Item: LuAnn to modify and put the survey up on the wiki with the link to the online eBook
- Budget: may end on September 1st. We need to ensure that we have budget for the designer.
Action Item: Margaret to email Erin for clarification.
NASA product review cycle starts on April 17th, with an NOI due March 13th (due but not required).

4) Our 2017 goals: 2017 Education plan

Based on the 2016 goals, and pulled together via those articulated in past meetings and the budget.

5) Upcoming Drone workshops

Action Item: Preston ton investigate if we were accepted or not.
EER summer workshop &
ESIP Summer workshop - Margaret pulled together a draft agenda. Want this year to move beyond just a drone workshop, and instead include both presentations and drones.
DRAFT Agenda for the 2017 ESIP teacher track sessions --
8:00– Welcome, Introductions, Workshop Overview
8:30 – ESIP presenter tbd
9:00 – ESIP presenter tbd
9:30 - ESIP presenter tbd
10:00 - ESIP presenter tbd
10:30 - break
11:00 – ESIP presenter tbd
11:30 – ESIP presenter tbd
12:00 - ESIP presenter tbd
12:30 – LUNCH (note; ½ hour shorter than ESIP schedule based on feedback from 2016)
1:30 – ESIP Drone e-book
2:00 – Hands-on Drone Activities (in small groups)
3:30 – Break
3:45 – Share-a-thon and group discussion
4:30 – Evaluation and wrap up
4:45 – end

6) Your suggested items!

Added a SLACK channel #education to the ESIP-ALL team
Vice Chair?: Still TBD, please reach out to Shelley if you have interest.
Drone Instrument-package development (quick report)