Education/Telecon 2016-12-13

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Attendees: Margaret Mooney, LuAnn Dahlman, Preston Lewis, James Acker, Shelley Olds

Attendees: Margaret Mooney, LuAnn Dahlman, Preston Lewis, James Acker, Shelley Olds

Notes December 13, 2016

Update eBook testing & outreach efforts

  • Portland had 20 participants - interesting cross-section of teachers. Physics, physical science, engineering.

Interested in modifying the drone

  • 1-2 people have completed the recruitment survey
  • 4-5 people have said that they’re interested in testing out the activities - probably a challenge to ask them so close to the holidays
  • AGU: there has been excitement around drones and people make the connection to natural hazards
  • Send something out to re-invite them to have a tele-date to respond to an activity
  • Shelley has to still send it out to the Columbus group
  • Action Item: Shelley to send out the email.
  • What to do with the alpha version of the eBook? Would like to show a more cohesive version at the Winter Meeting. Would be good to go through and create a more consistent format.
  • Feedback getting in the workshop: formal & after school club teachers like seeing the metadata that goes with the lesson plan.
  • Action Item: Shelley & LuAnn to schedule a call to get to the “next version” Shelley to suggest a time.

Discussion of NSTA session proposals to coordinate time slots through NESTA

  • NSTA session proposals due: Jan 17th
  • Is NSTA worth it next year? Better to focus on the national ones instead of all of the regional conferences
  • If there is an opportunity to speak at a conference with informal/afterschool educators, that would be a good group to connect with. Unfamiliar with that type of conference.

Compile & distribute Solar Eclipse resources?

  • There is a lot of stuff out there. It may be redundant.
  • Pat may do a 10 minute webinar right before the Solar Eclipse.
  • Action Item: Margaret will be de facto person to invite presenters for 10 minute monthly webinars
  • Will discuss in more depth about the mechanics/logistics when at the Winter Meeting

Proposed Drone Workshop - Earth Science Educator’s Rendezvous

  • ESIP Education has a 3 half days worth of workshops there
  • Maybe try to find shorter sessions - 15 hours worth of content is a lot
  • Do we need a set of drones to do this?
  • Action Item: Shelley to double check on the timing

Winter meeting session on brief tool webinars: Is schedule finalized?

  • 4:00PM Wednesday
  • We have up to seven 10-minute talks thus far.
  • NASA - Preston potentially
  • Maybe someone from Giovanni?
  • NEO - Stephanie
  • Goes R - Margaret
  • Climate Explorer - LuAnn
  • Drones eBook - Shelley and LuAnn
  • Velocity ? - Shelley
  • Asking for a title, few words, bio, and email
  • Action Item: Margaret to follow up with the 10 minute talks