Education/Telecon 2016-10-11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Attendees: Margaret Mooney, Shelley Olds, James Acker, Bruce Caron, LuAnn Dahlman, Rory McFadden, Shelley Olds, Pat Reiff


Most recent Vice Chair Preston Lewis - moved from NASA to the Navy. Shelley to take up that role.

1) Discussion: 2017 Budget Proposal. Please have a look at our draft proposal before the meeting. We'll discuss any feedback or input and submit the proposal to the FiCom later in the week.

  • Consensus necessary today
  • Funding for a graphic artist: just have solid walls of text so far, but we need to make this more enticing and professional. Mel has worked with ESIP before and potentially will do this project.
  • Travel support: Specifically for the Winter meeting. 1500 for the Vice Chair and Chair.
  • Out to Lunch: new idea. Start a little library with the short talks where an educator could pull them together. Really manageable and accessible. The initial out to lunch will be live and then archived for use later.
  • ESIP Summer Meeting: summer workshop for teachers has been very successful. In the past, NOAA has covered the teacher registration. Drones will continue to be the theme.
  • Action: LuAnn to confirm this is still true
  • Action: Johanna to resend the email with the 10 minute talks
  • Incentive to test and report (Amazon gift cards to be replenished) for teachers
  • Have been giving $1,000 to SACNAS for many years, but is this the right place to send it? We usually receive no reactions. Is RESESS a better fit?
  • Pat: no awards given in the hard sciences until we got involved and very few targeted awards for Native Americans. Rice sponsored one in solar system & astronomy. ESIP sponsors Earth Science.
  • We need to make sure that we have follow up with RESESS

2) The call for sessions at the 2017 Winter Meeting (january 11-13) is out.

  • To Attend: Shelley, Margaret, Johanna, LuAnn
  • Specific sessions other than Out To Lunch? - maybe 30 minutes on out to lunch, 30 on drones, etc.
  • Could work with the drone cluster for the winter working session OR a joint session
  • Brainstorming on how to promote the Out To Lunch and what makes a good 10 minute presentation. Have actual presentaitons modeled.
  • Action: LuAnn to connect with Drone Cluster to discuss a 10 minute report out
  • Action: Margaret will submit the Out To Lunch session. Abstracts due by the end of October

3) Report on Drone E-book development and NSTA fall presentations.

  • The working title: Got a Drone? Try This!
  • PDF format
  • Margaret giving an NSTA session in MN to understand what people prefer. Also sent out to the summer participants to see how to get it to the next stage.
  • FUNding friday Teachers: posters may go up for the whole meeting to highlight their work. The two winners are prepped.
  • Action: LuAnn to check with Annie about the FUNding Friday travel compensation
  • Action: Margaret to check with the winners to see if they have any additions for the EBook