Education/Telecon 2016-07-12

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Dan Zalles, Dave Jones, Preston Lewis, Shelley Olds, Jim


Dave Jones: Workshop being put together for broadcast meteorologists for the launch @ Kennedy Space Center. Margaret is coordinating with Dave to bring Educators to the broadcast meteorologists. Needs newest list from Margaret. Dave will be at the Summer Meeting (Tuesday-Friday).

Jim: Sweeps Month. Will be having a workshop in November about the Giovanni system (online). Will concentrate on educational uses. High school, undergraduate uses. Oceans & atmospheric. Please let people know. He will let people know about it. Dan could mention it during the workshop for people more interested in Satellite Data.

Dave: Putting together ESIP Testbed All Hazards Consortium – working a lot with the Utility industry on how they use earth science data. October joint sponsored event between Edison Electric Institute, ESIP, and All Hazards Consortium. How data can be used to drive their decisions. May ask for feedback on workshop setup etc. Should come together quickly. They don’t understand the data that is available for decision making.

  • Do you know about Data Driven Decisions for Energy? Richard Eckman good to reach out. Talk more with LuAnn & Dan.

Shelley: will not be able to come to the meeting. She has talked with Preston and coordinated. Also has a reservation that she can give over to someone. Will be working throughout the week. She will be shipping stuff. Email ESIP to find out where she should send that stuff now. OR Preston can accept it. He will send his address.

Workshop Planning

Drone Order:

  • There were only 6 available at one store, but Shelley found 10 more at another store.
  • Action: LuAnn to follow up with Erin and make sure that they are ordered and on their way.
  • Shelley is trying to get the sensors and get it shipped to Preston and hopefully have some easy directions.
  • To know about the sensors: relatively rudimentary and should be very simple. Records it to an SD card. Put it in a reader and there should be a comma separated file. Shelley hasn’t had time to try it out.
  • Sunday night in the hotel or on Monday during the day to meet.


  • Preston got the release form all figured out
  • Before you fly – Randy Russell
  • Pre-Flight Checklist – Dan Zalles. Provide hard copy and present for around 10 minutes or so. Use slide 61 (Information to Collect: Flight Data Sheet and FAA pre-flight checklist: ) Use the ESIP logo on the checklist. It is on the Education Wiki.
  • Action: Dan to clean up the Pre-Flight Checklist as well as make a short presentation. Preston will print it out. Thursday this should be printed at the latest.
  • Preston will still do the flying example and asks for someone to provide a little bit of background on the moves
  • Aerodynamics 1 – Shelley started a document. Shelley can get you a more explanatory list by Thursday.
  • Aerodynamics 2 & 3 – Need at least 4 or 5 hard copies of the activities in the group’s hands. Could also have it projected on the screen.
  • Action: Everyone make copies of the activities you are responsible for.
  • Agenda Hard Copy needs finalization
  • Action: LuAnn to finalize and Margaret to print
  • Make sure to get a photo of the whole group before lunch.


  • Ask them to fill out the survey. Sometimes they leave early. Need the survey to be filled out before they get the stipend.