Education/Telecon 2016-03-08

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Attendees: LuAnn Dahlman, Rebecca Fowler, Preston Lewis, Shelley Olds, Margaret Mooney,

Dan Zalles, Alan Gould, Johanna Bozuwa


Introduce Johanna Bozuwa, New ESIP Student fellow for Education/CLEAN

contact information:

Call for proposals for Summer Meeting (Deadline April 1)

The Summer Meeting is in July and breakout session submissions are due by April 1

The Summer Meeting is happening at the same time as the Earth Educator Rendezvous

Tamara Ledley may be attending and often puts something together. Feel free to reach out.

Recruitment Efforts

Margaret has been spearheading the recruitment efforts, focusing on North Carolina teacher

connections, blasting an ESIP listserv, disseminating to teacher connections.

Those who attend the webinar will receive preference for the workshop.

Is there a way for us to monitor those who could not watch the webinar live but did watch the


There is a $200 stipend for teachers who are in the Chapel Hill area and would like to attend the


Action Items:

Rebecca: investigate the ability to monitor recorded webinar watchers

Margaret: upload flyer and put in the folder LuAnn linked to in the wiki

All: disseminate information on the webinar and workshop

Review content and gather input/feedback for Webinars

Dan is working on Webinar 1 (March 22, 4PM ET) and Shelley is working on Webinar 2. You

can look to the slides for content outlines on both webinars. An important note regarding the

webinar and workshop: we have a limited scope that focuses on k-12 (mostly middle and high

school) use of drones. There is another ESIP drone cluster that is doing data intensive work.

Webinar 2 will dive into data science and Shelley is currently working on the content. She is

looking for a partner. LuAnn has reached out to the ESIP drone cluster for input. The current

setup of Workshop 2 is: Plan, Fly, Review. This will include additional resources that are helpful

for analyzing the data.

Global Systems Science software is free and designed for this work specifically. The software

can help with spatial, color, and temporal analysis.

Four drones have been distributed to LuAnn, Shelley, Dan, and Preston. They plan to hold a

separate call to discuss their experiences and share best practices.

- Workshop: Dan will be the instructor and Margaret is working on logistics and recruitment.

May have ignite style presentations and ask the opinions of ESIP members.

- eBook: (Preston to take the lead) Activities are already being compiled in the deck, and urge

people to add more activities that would be useful for an eBook. We will use the workshop as

an opportunity to polish and refine the activities. Margaret will write one of the lesson plans.

Action Items:

LuAnn, Shelley, Dan, Preston: coordinate a time for a phone call to discuss drones via email for

sometime early next week.

Shelley: Sean Barbary may be a good person to reach out to for a partner on Webinar 2

Margaret & Dan: flesh out ideas for the workshop in the deck

All: add any pertinent information for the Webinars, Workshop, or eBook to the deck, identify

additional potential funding opportunities for the eBook

Review pre-event survey for Webinars/Workshop

- The objective of the survey is to assess the needs of teachers, so that we can see funding for

additional drone education and scale up. The survey seeks to understand who the teachers

are, their background, courses they teach, level of interest in drones, types of students they

work with, etc.

- Suggestion for the survey: without making the survey too complex, take out the “check all”

option, and reformat, asking the teachers to rank by level of interest. All are invited to look at

the word document and give any suggestions.

- Survey distribution: teachers will register via the ESIP webpage, Margaret will receive the

emails and send out the survey. There is only room for 15 participants and the webinar and

survey are prerequisites for participation, which incentivizes the teachers to fill out the survey


All: take a look at the survey document and make comments/suggestions