Education/Telecon 2015-10-23

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Bar (aka Lindsey Barberi) and Jane Wyman gave a presentation on drones based on the one they made at the 2015 summer meeting. Jane described her experiences in using drones for science and building her own drones. Bar added ideas to the presentation that could be useful in a K-12 setting.

Here is the slide deck they presented.

General conversation confirmed that the Education committee anticipates a tsunami of >1 million drones coming into users' hands over the holidays. We could poise ourselves to encourage Earth science learning by providing some suggestions for doing worthwhile science exploration with these "toys."

How can we come up with scaffolding for kids, parents, and / or teachers to inspire them to imagine and implement science projects? Ideally, these would introduce folks to data science and Earth and environmental science content.

The number of different things that kids could explore is overwhelming. We'd need to focus on a carefully selected portion of the whole.

Shelley Olds commented that several schools are already working with drones. Additionally, there are likely drone companies that would love to be involved with schools (the old Apple computer model: people want the kind of machine they learned on).

Comments: People can use a drone flight to build a topo map from a photo. We could probably come up with a list of science fair questions/projects that kids could follow. Robotics programs could use a "end game" for the drones they build. Comparing lift requirements for cameras from balloons and/or drones presents a challenge.

At 2016 Winter meeting, we could plan out Webinars and find appropriate invitees for the summer workshop. We would specifically invite teachers who have experience with drones, but also those who are currently wanting them. Also, see if we could find a drone company to show up.

See also the Google Doc where we are compiling ideas

People who are likely to attend the Winter Meeting: LuAnn, Shelley, Bob, Rebecca (F), Tamara, Margaret.