Education/Telecon 2014-05-28

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Erin Robinson; Roberta Killeen; Margaret Mooney; Kyle Nelson; Pat Reiff; Alan;


New Business

  1. News from Executive Committee call
  2. Update on status of proposal to Test Bed
  3. ESIP Summer Meeting Web Seminar (Margaret)
  4. Discussion of competition project

Other Ideas? none

Meeting Minutes

  • News from Executive Committee call
    • Strategic plan over next 6 months
    • Emily L. and Erin reviewed historical Strategic Plans
    • Goals; Funding from NASA/NOAA; Major accomplishments of ESIP over last 5 years; Gaps and how to move forward
    • In 2009, ESIP did a review and came up with a 2020 Pillar review
    • Survey will be discussed next month
    • New nomination committee
    • Finance presented their new funding mechanism
    • Special project opportunity?
      • Additional projects that come in at odd times in the fiscal calendar
      • Committees, clusters and workgroups have opportunities
  • Update on status of proposal to Test Bed
    • Likely will be placed in “Special Projects” category
    • Executive Committee will be voting on this in June
    • Committee/Workgroup/Cluster would be able to submit projects until fiscal year funding is depleted.
    • Projects would need to be completed by the end of the fiscal year
  • ESIP Summer Meeting Web Seminar (Margaret)
    • 90-minute session is a “GO”
    • 3 Presenters: Frank Neopold (NOAA) and Dana Haynes (NASA) and Margaret Mooney (CIMSS)
    • Advertise on NESTA website, ESIP Teacher Education lists
    • Surveys post-seminar?
      • Roberta has survey questions that current ESIP web seminars have used
      • Roberta will provide a list of questions to Margaret
  • Discussion of competition project (Educator Challenge)
    • Becky R. and Emily L. had suggested this idea
    • Roberta will contact Becky and Emily to see if they can provide guidance on this
    • Presentations or scholarships for student presentations?
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU) Annual Meeting
    • Workshops and presentations?
    • Helping AGU organize one or more workshops
  • New Journal
    • Astronomy Journal: JRAEO(?): Journal of Astronomy Education and Outreach

Webinar Link: [| Webinar Stream]

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kyle Nelson, ESIP Student Fellow-Education Committee