Education/Telecon 2014-04-16

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Erin Robinson; Roberta Killeen; Margaret Mooney; Kyle Nelson; Robert Downs


New Business

  • ESIP Teacher Summer Session - Kick off at ESIP Summer Meeting
  • Call format
  • Identify other speakers for subsequent calls
  • Review draft of testbed proposal: Testbed Proposal Draft
  • NSTA - Recap
  • EarthCube End User Workshop Recap

Other Ideas?

  • CLEAN was featured on the ESIP blog. Might be nice to reach out to Tamara to talk more about the post.

Meeting Minutes

NSTA Recap: Roberta

  • Held in Boston, MA
  • “Blazing success”
  • 12K in attendance
  • 4 share-a-thon sessions (Space weather, Ocean-Atmosphere-Climate, Earth System Science, Geology)
    • Shared science data resources with teachers
    • 95 presenters between all 4 sessions
  • Submission finalized for NSTA Spring conference in Chicago, IL next April (2015)

ESIP Teacher Summer Session - Kick off at ESIP Summer Meeting - Erin

  • Workshop sessions will be delivered via webinar
  • Call to develop testbed proposals (Due on April 30th)
  • Some feel that there is a disconnect between ESIP Education committee & Technical groups
    • Idea: Edu committee could coach presenters on making information
      • Member of ESIP community asked to present but delivers a presentation intended for a technical audience.
      • Edu committee could help ESIP community presenters to craft/recraft their content to make it more applicable for teachers to employ immediately in the classroom
  • Roberta
    • Concern: Do we have enough ESIP folks that would be interested in presenting?
    • Concern: workload of refining projects (one per month?)
    • NSTA: has a new web seminar series as of last week for teachers
  • Idea: Scientist-Educator team?
  • Topics selected by teachers based on their needs
  • Include easy activities that teachers can use in classroom
    • ESIP: Standard webinar focused on data
  • Poll teachers for topics (what do they want?)
  • ESIP Education committee leads webinar
  • Background on topics and provide simple classroom activities that employ conceptual models
  • 3 seminars, 3 ESIP community members
    • Margaret (Climate Change Education w/NASA and NOAA)
    • Bob Downs
    • 3rd?
      • Yolanda Gil (U. Southern California)
      • Dave Jones (CEO of Storm Center)
  • Proposed seminar format
    • Pre-Launch: survey of needs/interests
    • Design 1.5 hour talks w/.5 hour for discussion
    • End call w/live survey
      • Effectiveness of material?
      • Did material meet their needs?
  • Margaret: start with one web seminar per season instead of once per month?
  • Roberta and Erin will iterate on Testbed Proposal Draft

EarthCube End User Workshop Recap

  • Education advisory group being created within the EarthCube governance structure

Webinar Link: April 2014 Education Committee Telecon

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kyle Nelson, ESIP Student Fellow-Education Committee.