Education/Telecon 2013-06-04

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Roberta Johnson, Bob Downs, Patricia Reiff, Erin Robinson, Carol Meyer
1. Summer Meeting

  • Teacher Workshop Update - draft agenda put forward by Margaret Mooney for informational purposes

  • Opportunities to Extend the Use of Your Data and Tools: Using the Next Generation Science Standards to Expose Scientific Processes and Practices in Education
The Next Generation Science Standards have recently been released by Achieve, Inc. These standards are a major step forward for Earth and space science education nationally, significantly increasing the prominence of data and our discipline in the K-12 setting. Furthermore, the standards identify specific performance expectations of students in key subject areas relevant to ESIP, as well as in demonstrating scientific process and engineering practice skills. Given the technical expertise of the ESIP community, the standards provide an opportunity for the ESIP community to engage in a new way in support of K-12 STEM education - providing access to data and analysis tools adapted for the middle and high school levels. This session will share information about the standards, and highlight ways in which the ESIP community can become engaged, leveraging existing programs and resources in new ways to support this exciting new national initiative.
  • Work with key people in ESIP to demonstrate value of using their data (e.g. NASA DAACs, Curt Tilmes (NASA/USGCRP), Dave Jones)
  • How will activities in the E/PO arena proceed in light of the President's restructuring of education
  • Agenda for session: 1. Overview of NGSS (Roberta, 15-20 minutes); 2. Changing Landscape 3. Presentations Population Estimation Service, SEDAC (Bob Downs, 10-15 minutes); 2-3 other data uses for meeting NGSS 4. Discussion
  • Carol to reach out to Curt Tilmes to see if there is data that might be relevant for education
  • Carol to look at listserv for target names & line up calls with them

2. Other Business