Education/Telecon 2013-04-02

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Roberta Johnson, Patricia Reiff, Tamara Ledley, Alan Gould, Patrick Rowley, Matt Cechini, LuAnn Dahlman, Margaret Mooney, Bob Downs, Preston Lewis, Becky Reid, Carol Meyer

1. Summer Meeting

a. Sequester likely to impact some travel to the summer meeting, but an survey conducted last month noted that 35% of past participants indicate no restrictions; 35% are not sure; 15% not coming. Patricia Reiff noted that E/PO activities are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis and Preston Lewis indicated that his travel had been approved for NSTA. Grantees and Cooperative Agreement recipients are not affected. NASA handles these decisions on a center-by-center basis. Carol Meyer reported that a decision has been made to move ahead with the ESIP meeting in July. Alan Gould reported that his projects are business as usual.
b. Margaret Mooney reported that she learned today that the teacher workshop will not be funded by NOAA/NESDIS this year. However, Margaret Mooney has as NASA GCCE grant that provides iPads to teacher workshop participants. She will provide a half-day workshop for local teachers, so that they can distribute the iPads to the teacher participants. Have a full-day teacher workshop on Tuesday, opening up the to also attend Wednesday's museum sessions.
c. No breakout sessions related to education have been proposed thus far. Preston Lewis proposed a museum session on My NASA Data. Roberta inquired if a session on the NGSS and how they link to services provided by the ESIP community might be in order to seed some collaboration. Roberta will propose a session on engaging scientists and data professionals in natural disaster learning for the classroom. A placeholder session will be noted in the ESIP Commons.

2. Next Generation Science Standards: Discussion of Teacher Needs

Roberta Johnson noted that the NGSS have changed significantly based on comments received during the comment period. The new standards will require significant changes to the way science is taught in the classroom. She shared the teacher responses to the survey, posted on the wiki. A discussion will ensue next month. The main takeaway is that the community was better informed about the standards than anticipated. Teachers noted they need the most professional development in integrating science and engineering standards.

3. Climate Change Education Workshop: Vision Update

Tamara Ledley noted that the vision for the working group is still unfolding. She noted that she would be interested in facilitating a session on this at the summer meeting. Tamara Ledley noted that she is coordinating AGU sessions for the Climate Literacy Network.

4. Other Business

No other business was discussed. The meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.