Education/Telecon 2012-04-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Participants: Becky, Jesse, Pat, Luanne, Alan, Erin

  • NSTA conference: Margaret and Luanne shared a table for Shareathon. Lots of activity, but just handouts and not real contact/discussion. Interest in teacher workshop for ESiP. Targeted regional people to get more travel to Madison. Discovery dome saw 985 teachers -> teacher email list. Tamara had info there, lots of contacts made. 2 teachers won free dome days at their schools. 2-hour lunch meeting of leaders and professional learning community members of the Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education project.
    • Seems like a great conference to attend to reach teachers. We should do it again.

  • Globe annual meeting happening at the same time as the Teacher Workshop. Can we get on their schedule and tie into the technology workshop that we're already doing? How would that work?
    • What does GLOBE need? We don't know them at all. Is our tech too high/low for their needs?
    • Tamara might have some connection.
    • We need to explore this further before making any firm commitments.

  • Technology tools breakout session - what else should we explore?
    • Winter session went well, should we bring them back? Should we do new stuff?
    • If people have purchased WebEX for their org, shouldn't they be doing in-house training? Should we focus on free tools?
    • New skype tools - desktop sharing and video.
    • Perhaps a comparison of free and paid services.

  • Summer meeting updates:
    • Early registration ends May 31. 20 teachers already registered. Cap is 30, so we're getting there already.
    • Ignite or Ted style talks - can we get education members to give a few?

  • Pat in DC next week at US Science/Engineering festival, will have table space for ES stuff.

  • Summer meeting would be good to have Pat's dome at.