Education/Telecon 2012-02-16

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Telecon Minutes from February 16th, 2012

Meeting Agenda

Attendance: Becky, Erin, Jesse, Margaret, Meixia, Alan, LuAnn, Tamara, Bob,

Testing of WebEx tools - desktop sharing, whiteboard use.

  • Whiteboard not overly functional - something like GoogleDocs would likely meet our needs better, although it won't be integrated as well as this is.

What does ESiP Education do?

  • EC trying to put together a portfolio together of all the ESiP activities.
  • iCommons home, a “What does ESiP do” frontpage for new people.
  • Template created, 1 page for us to fill in.
    • What is our Problem Statement, how are we addressing it?
    • Educating each other on what we're doing, avoiding a duplication of effort?
    • Revisit our Strategic Plan?
    • What is our scope?
    • We don't really fit in the “Problem Statement” groups – we're more of an Activity Statement.
      • Or a Purpose Statement.

Margaret will represent ESiP at the NSTA in Indy. Sponsoring two share-athons on Friday March 30th. She will email reminders for people who want to share things.

What do we want to do with the Education committee? Where are we going with it?

  • Lots of different pulls – it all depends on our current makeup of members.
  • We need to remain flexible.
  • As budgets shrink, we need to become very good at using technology to connect members who can't travel to meetings.
    • What do we need for the summer meeting? What do we need to gather in Madison?
    • We need a good portable mic, low noise but powerful enough to capture the room, so remote users can hear all the discussion, not just what the presenter says.
    • Technology Moderator, someone in charge of virtual part of meeting, to make sure that the virtual attendees are taken care of.
    • Separation of machines? How do we make sure that the virtual users get everything, if presenters bring their own machine to present off of?
    • Run practice sessions for speakers days/weeks before? Make sure they know how (does) the tech work on their machines.