Education/Telecon 2011-11-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Education Telecon – 2011_11_17

Participants: Margaret, Luanne, Bruce, Becky, Alan, Bob, Jesse, Erin

NOAA funding for education seems non-existent, 20% cut to what?

  • Hard to get funding to get ESiP members to meetings.
  • Does the Climate Change working group have travel funding?
    • Education budget got approved, so CC workshop has a winter budget, depends on what they want to spend it on.

(Questions about funding answered by distributing the budget.)

-We should require offset carbon credits if Climate Change funds are spent on airfare.

EarthCube – no talk really about education funding. Discussion of NSF being an umbrella over programs, like ESiP – data and visualization work

Are we set for the winter meeting?

  • We have break-out rooms, outlines of meetings/talks

Too late to invite two student winners to winter meeting?

  • Just got the awards last month, so it's not necessarily too late.
  • Winter is more of a showcase meeting, maybe the summer meeting would be a better option.

NSTA conference – will send out an email to the listserv.

Next call in December after AGU.