Education/Telecon 2011-10-20

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Minutes from the Telecon on October 20th

Participants: Becky, Tamara, Erin, Bob, Pat, Luanne, Jesse

  • NAAEE: Active conference, 850 people. One all-day climate literacy section, responsive audience.
  • Education Budget: Finance Committee approved our budget, looking for an update on what we've accomplished.
    • Clean Pathways and teacher workshops seem to be going well.
    • We need to give the Finance Committee a written update on these things.
      • Could we post our plan on the wiki and get feedback?
  • Plans for the Climate Education session. Edward Maibach invited as speaker?
    • Student session has migrated to a Climate Communication session. Survey to determine needs ongoing. Does Ed still fit with our goals?
  • Internal Education: Still working to get this organized.
  • Undergraduate Research award: Bruce went and awarded this last year, Becky will this year.
    • Does the winner get funded to come to the ESiP meeting(s)? Nobody is sure.
    • We should be sure to do this for next year.
  • Earth Exploration Toolbook team won Science Magazine's SPORE prize.