Education/Telecon 2011-09-15

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Minutes from the Telecon on September 15th

Participants: Jesse, Margaret, Luanne, Bruce, Erin

  • Internal Education Working Group
    • Needs Assessment should be done early. Talk to ESiP people, see what they need.
    • Starting with a packet of resources for people – what do we have where in ESiP?
      • Designing education projects – NOAA project – will help us organize.
    • Goal is undergrad/general public info level info?
    • Semantic web/data visualization dos and don'ts.
    • NSF grants for some of this?
    • Set up a call for brainstorming – all ESiP members.
  • NAAEE meeting – all set.
  • Budget Approved? Meeting in the next week or two to finalize/vote on Education Budget.
  • How does the Climate Change working group intersect with the Student sessions at the Winter meeting?
  • Need to get an Internal Education Wiki page set up.