Education/Telecon 2011-08-18

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Minutes from the Telecon on August 18, 2011

Participants: Bruce, Jesse, Bob, Luanne, Margaret, Erin, Carol, Becky, Alan, Pat

  • Feedback positive from summer meeting, all around.
  • Bruce: Committee meeting at summer meeting – refresher.
    • Internal education working group. Not making content, but organizing it, finding people to teach.
      • Alan – will be on working group
      • Semantic Web Tutorials → Online
      • Expertise or skill-finder database to pair people – existing tool doesn't include education.
      • NOAA centric project?
    • We still need a chair for the working group.
  • Margaret: Feedback from Teacher Workshop:
    • Presenters got feedback after session.
    • Teachers liked the ESiP experience.
    • Rest of the meeting not really teacher friendly. How do we respond to this?
      • Twitter translation service – for during presentations?
  • Next summer conference: 3rd week of July, Tues – Fri.
  • Promotion of ESiP mission at next 2 conferences.
  • Pat: We can use my booth space at a number of spaces.
    • Texas Science and Engineering Festival – good place to advertise ESiP.
  • Have we reminded the educators about the lesson plan bounty? School year starting, lets remind them.