Education/Telecon 2011-05-19

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

May 19th Education Committee Teleconference Minutes

Participants: Erin, Jesse, Tamara, Alan, Carol, Pat, Margaret

  • Reservations made for NFDL Clean Pathways, all online review procedure
    • Number of Resources and time needed? 60 looked at in June, some number will need expert science reviews on them.
      • 10 expert science reviews in July would be good, 20 would be great.
    • First round was review for learning activities only, classroom scaffolding, etc. Took 1-1.5 hrs.
    • Now, shorter learning activities for integration into classroom activities. Maybe 20-30mins each. Tops 1 hr.
    • After June camp, specific list of resources, grouped by topic. Easy for people to search, find one for their expert review.

  • Participation in AGU workshop. Is this a good use for our time/money?
    • Yes, good chance to interact with local teachers, other presenters. Teachers excited about resources. 'Sharathon' – half hour? Also able to sign up to be a presenter. Thurs or Fri after AGU?

  • 33 people signed up for summer teacher workshop, inquiries still ongoing. GLOBE person coming, state educators, field trip Wed.

  • Got clickers – shipped on Friday.