Education/Telecon 2011-03-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

March 17th Education Committee Teleconference Minutes

Participants: Tamara, Alan, Doug, Pat, Erin, Bob, Bruce, Carol, Margaret, Becky

  • NSTA Recap -
    • smaller than previous year (10k people).
    • Dome was there and Pat got some interest in dome rentals;
    • Lots of climate change stuff - Focus group for NOAA Wed, NOAA/Forest Service/EPA - Thurs
    • Pat will have space next year next to the dome if Education wants to have flyers/materials

  • Sally Ride Follow-up - Overall conference was a success. There were about 60 teachers, half from CA and half from around the country. We need to think about ways to build more community among the teachers. Teachers will be invited to the ESIP teacher wiki and we are hosting a webinar, Monday, March 28 on some of the hands on activities.

  • Summer Teacher Workshop -
    • Workshop will be all day Tuesday and half a day on Wednesday
    • Group agreed to purchase a set of the clickers

  • CLEAN Reviews at Summer Meeting
    • Set up a station for reviewing CLEAN resources in one of the common areas at meeting. Will give instructions and people can review resources at leisure.

  • AGU App Session for Fall 2011 AGU spearheaded by CIMSS