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=== Data to Action Teacher Workshop - Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Tacoma, Washington===

Data to Action with Jupyter Notebooks and other Earth Science Tools

Participating teachers are warmly invited and strongly encouraged to attend the Research Showcase Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8pm. The Educator workshop is one portion of the larger ESIP 2018 Summer Meeting in Tacoma Washington and educators are welcome all week!

Teachers participating will receive a stipend of $200 (thanks to NOAA). More information and registration at

Teacher workshop on ESIP schedule:

Session Take-Aways:

  • GOES-R Series WebApps ( provide learners with easy to use apps to learn about combining satellite channels into RGB, spatial resolution, and the spectral bands of GOES 16/17
  • The Explore Atlantic Storms Jupyter Notebook provided secondary educators hands on experience (some for the first time) with viewing, modifying, and playing with (python) code.
  • SuAVE Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration is an incredibly powerful and fun tool to explore and use in the classroom.