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General Issues for the Inventory of Assets

We currently have an Education Center as part of the esipfed page: http://www.esipfed.org/education_center/
Plan is to help ESIPs register their educational assets with established repositories outside the Federation.
We will monitor and promote ESIP assets that are so registered, particularly as they relate to our societal benefit area cluster activities.
We will catalog educational needs and coordinate activities to fill these needs by recruiting elements from the broader inventory of Federation assets.

Selection of metadata standards

Here is a set of groups and standards each aiming to create a common vocabulary to describe educational assets:
A good step would be to see which of these are already being used by our ESIPs.
Then it would be useful to compare them to see if any are particularly useful for our purposes, both in building new educational products and in helping situated learners.

Selection of metadata repositories

We are currently using our own site (historic) and the GCMD SERFs to register our products.
A suggestion is to continue to use GCMD for a high level description of each ESIP's assets, co-opting fields in the SERF to pass through to the more detailed respositories.
We need a list of established repositories, a record of which are currently being used by ESIPs, and a comparison of costs and benefits of each.
Several are known to be used by ESIPs: DLESE, Eisenhower Clearinghouse, Carleton SERC.
A start on the factors that we might want to compare
What metadata standard do they use?
Ease of entering metadata and registering products (what tools and help is provided?)
Popularity and educational usage statistics on the repositories.
Stability and long term persistence of the repository. (who funds it)