ESIP Partnership May Telecon (3:30PM EDT)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Telecon: Monday 8 May 2017 3:30 - 4:30PM EDT
Call In Details:
Please join from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (646) 749-3131
Access Code: 168-308-485


Old business:

  • Review of previous call's Action Items:
  1. All: Review apps, jot down any concerns, identify any incomplete applications, etc.
  2. Danie: Investigate partnership survey with Erin, Bruce, etc.
  3. Danie will check with Viv on new meeting time and communicate to Annie.

New Business:

  • Membership application review status
    • Thanks to all who reviewed applications! Seven new member apps are out for 30 day assembly review.
      • How is Assembly feedback handled? (question for Bruce)

  • Request from Bruce to invite three 'historical DAACs' to become ESIP members
  1. OB.DAAC (Ocean Biology)
  2. CDDIS (Crustal Dynamics)
  3. LAADS (MODIS Level 1 and Atmosphere Archiving and Distribution System)

  • Update on Partnership questions regarding a possible survey to cover:
    • number of member voting reps/size of member organization, is there interest in
    • when should smaller units of large organizations be encouraged to apply as a members / Does being a member of a large organization and only having one voting rep cause problems among multiple organizational subunits?

  • Other related topics:
    • Strategic Plan for 2017? Not necessary for Partnership.
    • How will Committee SOP's play into overall P&P governance document? (question for Bruce)

Meeting Minutes / Notes

See Google Doc for Minutes/Notes

Previous Call Notes

Membership Application questions from last call- survey exploration

Do we encourage one application for an entire organization (i.e., EPA) or do we encourage individual labs/divisions/departments to become members? There may be pros and cons to smaller divisional representation with respect to travel authorization to ESIP meetings, and competitive perspectives on voting representation.
  • How do we decide if a single voting rep is sufficiently representing the entire organization or a smaller subset? Entire organizational membership is a more welcoming situation for inclusiveness, however the broader organization membership may result in dilution of the benefits of ESIP participation to the individual department/division/lab.
  • Can we get clarification (from ESIP) on how these reps relate to the broader organization? Is there interest in seeing a voting rep:organizational size ratio determined? Or, Possibly edit current application text to include language to indicate that membership of a large organization implies inclusiveness to all organizational members (across departments/divisions/labs)?

Perhaps develop a survey for voting reps (targeting larger organizations) - any issues as a single voting rep of a large organization- such a survey could establish demographics and identify any issues related to voting representation. Danie will investigate with Erin, Bruce, etc.