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Exploration of Coding book-club ESIP Education Committee is starting a book club-style exploration of coding. The purpose is to explore the hype behind Hour of Code and other coding projects (Girls who code, etc) to find something we might harness as content for ESIP education workshops, eg How can we promote use of Earth Science data through coding?

Every other week, following our Out2Lunch presentations, we'll spend ~45 minutes discussing what we've learned from the week's assignment. Our first session will be this Wednesday, Nov 1, immediately following the Out2Lunch presentation. We'll continue meeting for as long (or short) as it seems useful.

Nov. 1 Assignment:

5 minute read:  * Comparison with CSP Framework * Computer Science Principles * Visual Programming - Just the green background area (feel free to read more but this is a good highlight on what is visual programming)

2 minute read: quick explanation about the Hour of Code:

As you try out these coding tutorials, think about (take a meta-cognitive perspective) ... how would you modify these ’tutorials’ or create a tutorial to be science / earth science related?  

Spend 1/2 hour on Unit 1:

Optional: Try this Hour of Code activity (it is more like a 15 minute activity): Artist

If you have an ipad or android device, download the app: Tynker. And try one of the coding 'games'.  You might start to notice that the process of 'teaching' for each of the examples I sent is similar.

Browse through these Hour of Code activities:

(super optional) Look at Hour of Code Apps page:

Notes from Nov 1 discussion

Nov. 15 Assignment:

LuAnn will explore how the concepts in Hello Processing! might work as an intro to some macro-writing in ImageJ.

Shelley: Start drawing a flow-chart / spectrum graphic of the spectrum of coding

Shelley: Find an hour of code - visual block coding style - that could be complementary with the code produced in Hello Processing!

Carla: Contribute a brief overview of the history of coding in education

Becky plans to come up with some kind of model: coalescing water sprites, for instance.

Margaret will try the Ice-off dates activity using Google Sheets as a macro

Anyone: what would you like to contribute?