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Exchange Network Goals

Since 2002 EPA'S Office of Environmental Information (OEI) has supported the Exchange Network Grant Program that provides funding for states, territories, and tribes...."to share data efficiently and securely over the Internet. This new approach is providing real-time access to higher quality data while saving time, resources, and money for partner states, tribes, and territories". The 2010 grant program solicitation offers an opportunity to enhance the networking abilities of the States and EPA. EN Strategic Goals:

  1. Infrastructure completed, maintained and operated reliably
  2. Expanded use of EN to support environmental decision-making
  3. Making EN responsive to customer needs

Key Elements of the EN Program

  • Funding 2010: $10M for 40 to 50 grants ranging $50K-$200K a few collaborative, multi-partner grant projects.up to $350K.
  • Period: Two years.
  • Dates: Prop submission Nov 20 09. Selection ~ March 2010, Award by July 2010.
  • Eligibility: States ..
  • Award Types: Grants, Coops (more collab with EPA)

(Subjective evaluation by Rhusar)

The information needs of EPA are supplied largely by the Agency itself. The regulatory AQ monitoring is performed by the States and supported by Grants from the EPA. The emission inventory work is also conducted by the Agency and States. Recently, even the scientific documents in support of NAAQS have been performed in house by EPA staff. Its extramural AQ research is conducted through competitive STAR grants. These are all relatively independent programs that have beeN performed by dedicated teams, using tools and methods at their disposal.

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