DisasterResponse telecon 2016-11-03

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Organizers: Karen Moe, Dave Jones, Sean Barberie


  • Planning for the winter meeting
  • Sessions submitted (Karen)
  • Data Driven Decision Making Summary (Dave)
  • NASA Disaster Application Goals (Dave)
  • Pathway Forward for Cluster
  • Continued discussion of data needs for disaster response and data driven decision making.

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Attendees: Sean, Karen, Dave, Bob Chen, Bob Downs, Brian Wee, Erin, Ken Keiser, Maggi Glasscoe, Paul Lemieux, Tripp Corbett.

  • To lead off Karen is discussing our proposed sessions a little bit.
  • At the last meeting there was a strong discussion of keeping everyone updated by producing regular reports of new and newsworthy events.
  • Hurricane Matthew response data options? Does Dave have some input on this? And can we come up with a timeline?
  • The best way to do this may be through collaboration with the Disaster Lifecycle cluster and the AHC. Best to organize some discussion at the Winter meeting.
  • We also want to re-introduce the idea of "what makes a trusted data source?"
  • Q: in terms of data requirements, does Maggi have any input on what makes for data requirements in a disaster response scenario?
  • A: Possibly, but only as case studies. The Napa Earthquake response is a good case study because it worked through the clearing house. So there is a fair amount to consider in terms of data sharing, information sharing, and tech development (e.g. the clearing house).
  • Tripp input on D3M workshop: Workshop needed to deliver a prioritized list on which data products were immediately needed in which areas. So although they did form a firmer grasp of what was needed, the priorities were not set, and that is possibly a place where ESIP could play a role.
  • ESRI just won a contract to stand up an arcgis server for data delivery in operational situations. Presents many opportunities for disaster response work.
  • Can we hold a working-session during the winter meeting to get more info on what data is needed, who needs it, etc?
  • We might be able to take that further by showing a use-case or two to give more direct info and clarity.
  • How do we balance turn around time vs. data confidence?
  • Can we identify two key use-cases to showcase in the meeting?
  • Erin points out that, given the timing, it might be interesting to show snow and ice datasets available, since there will be a lot of snow in the northeast.
  • ESRI has been working with NSIDC on the SMAP data products, so they might be able to provide some data or present.
  • Brian Wee comments: there is a danger in generically discussing non-specific data sets or non-specific use-cases. Being too generalized keeps us from making real, actionable progress.
  • Key outcomes from D3M workshop?
  • It was a meeting that was attended by around 56 people. DHS FEMA attended. Investor owned utilities were there. Held at Edison Electric Institute. Hurricane Matthew was discussed. A number of private companies discussed what sort of data they needed to improve their situational awareness.
  • Very positive responses.
  • highly encouraging for us to continue this relationship: try to get investor-owned companies involved with ESIP, possibly through a series of ESIP webinars.
  • This can all do a lot to further the visibility and influence of the ESIP federation.
  • Need to plan a path forward that has multiple years in mind, while incorporating the feedback from private industry on what their needs are.
  • We will have activities at the winter meeting to move in this direction. There is also a question about how to help reorganize ESIP to fit what these groups are asking.
  • ACTION ITEM: take a step between now and the next meeting to come up with a use-case timeline for the ESIP meeting.
  • Maggi comment: will look into exercise timelines and follow up over email.

Recording of Telecon

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