DisasterResponse telecon 2014-06-17

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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When: Tue, June 17, 1pm – 2pm (Eastern)

Organizers: Karen Moe, Emily Law

Agenda: Preparation for Disasters Cluster summer session

  • Presentation "Radar, Optical, and Crowd Remote Sensing for Rapid Disaster Response”, Sang-Ho Yun (JPL)
  • Presentation "Experiences With End-User Requirements for Disaster Response", Margaret Glasscoe (JPL)
  • Based on the last telecon, "disasters & risk management (DRM) information architecture" will be our theme for the summer meeting. The approach is to extract elements from a few use cases, to focus on a common entities and potential ontologies that deal with grouping and hierarchy. Let's finalize the meeting's agenda.
  • AGU Session, need to start a list of potential invited and targeted speakers.


To Join the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting

1. Go to https://esipfed.webex.com

2. Click the “Meeting Center” tab

3. Select the DISASTER RESPONSE|[1]

If a password is required, enter the Meeting Password: 23140358

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