DisasterResponse telecon 2014-05-20

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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When: Tue, May 20, 1pm – 2pm (Eastern)

Organnizers: Karen Moe, Emily Law

Agenda: Suggested topic for Disasters Cluster summer session

  • Based on the joint session last month with WGISS, we have a proposal to address a "disasters & risk management (DRM) information architecture" as the theme for the summer meeting. The WGISS community would be interested in the results.
  • An information architecture will address the type of info that needs to be shared between data providers and DRM users. It seems likely the architecture will be hierarchical with some common elements driven by the emergency management and risk assessment communities (among others), as well as aspects of satellite data that we may be able to mimic from the Weather communities usage patterns. The architecture would have to accommodate end nodes for specific science implications driven by specific domains. This would allow analysis on multiple aspects of the information architecture, depending on people's expertise.

Attendees: Sullivan, Tracey Pilone, Susan Owen, Maggie Glasscoe, Ken Keiser, Karen Moe, Hook Hua, Emily Law, Bob Chen, Erin Robinson, Kevin Dobbs, 3 unidentified callers

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