DisasterLifecycle telecon 2017-07-06

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • ESIP Summer Meeting Planning Recap, July 25-28, Indiana Univ in Bloomington IN (register now)
  • Strengthening Ties Between Observations and User Communities (ESIP theme for 2017)
  • Disasters sessions Friday morning July 28
  • What Do We Mean by “Trusted” Data?
  • What’s the Right Data for this Use Case?
  • Other topics submitted by the cluster
  • Next telecon August 31 (special change to 5th Thursday)


In attendance: Karen Moe, Maggi Glasscoe, Kari Hicks, Stephan Klene, Bob Downs, Bob Chen, Stuart Frye, Jessica Seepersad, Susana Adamo, Ken Keiser, Don Sullivan

Esip Sessions (Friday morning) (2nd session) Trusted Data Session - presentations? - Friday, July 28

  • Karen’s winter meeting notes and presentation - characterization of trusted data
  • Difference between trusted data and trusted repositories
  • Earlier Trusted data concepts document
  • What is important to disaster data users to address their Trust; availability in disasters, quality
  • Different disasters data users - needs and implications of trust differ on use
  • Official statistics reliability covered in a court of law (authoritative); if not governmental body doing something official, then what?
  • Data repository trustworthiness focuses more on scientific trust (ala WDS); do I trust that the data will be there for 20 years; peer-review trust is needed
  • A table with all characteristics of trust and identify requirements/solutions for different disasters community users
  • Rafael & Duke Energy/Kari Hicks discussions - reviewing ORL mapping; from electric utility perspective, needs differs from current ORL; if not trusted, data doesn’t make it to ORL;
  • Distinction between repositories and data, with respect to trust?
  • Utilities interested in trust for access/availability
  • The plan for the session
  • Introduction of the topic, different perspectives of users (Karen)
  • Input on user profiles from participants?
  • Bob Downs - data quality and accessibility (in table form?)
  • ORL presentation/discussion (Rafael and Kari) (Rafael may be remotely attending)
  • Other presentations?

(1st session) Right Data for the Use Case (session) - Friday, July 28

  • Introduction
  • Kari’s discussion of hurricane scenario - feedback from participants for solutions or questions
  • Maggie’s experiences
  • Data preparedness presentation/demonstration - ED3/REACT (UAH)

ESIP management looking to have session presentations posted in advance of the meeting - more information to follow.

Further discussion about ESIP participation at David Green’s Argentina NASA disaster meeting (first week in Sept) - planning follow-up meeting to discuss.

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