DisasterLifecycle telecon 2017-05-04

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • 3DM Workshop #3 on April 13 in NYC – workshop feedback - Dave Jones, Bob Chen
  • 3DM Workshop #3 follow up activities
  • Kari Hicks/Duke Energy will be attending the ESIP Summer Meeting and will support our proposed sessions. She is working with Karen Moe on a Resource Movement” use case addressing lessons learned from 2016 hurricane Matthew as a sample use case in preparation for the ESIP Summer Meeting
  • Dave Jones is working on using the new Operational Readiness levels 1-4 and assigning values to current data sets currently in use the GeoCollaborate for the All Hazards Consortium community
  • ESIP Summer Meeting, July 25-28, Indiana Univ in Bloomington IN (register now)
  • Strengthening Ties Between Observations and User Communities (ESIP theme for 2017) Disasters sessions proposed
  • What Do We Mean by “Trusted” Data?
  • What’s the Right Data for this Use Case?
  • Other topics submitted by the cluster
  • Next telecon June 1st

Dave's ORL (Operational Readiness Level) slides


Recording of Telecon

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