Data network catalog and clients

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Metadata for finding and understanding, CF, ISO)
Data access/use constrains, quality control, data versioning, etc.
What is the design philosophy
Service oriented (everything is a service), Component and network design for change; open source (everything?!)
Network-level data flow, usage statistics (GoogleAnalytics), performance
... goal is to obtain a good basis for discussion in the following breakout sessions, both from the IT and non-IT sides.

  • Server Software Design (uFIND). Issues?

Functionality of an Air Quality Data Network Catalog (ADNC)?
Content and structure (granularity) of ADNC?
Interoperability of ADNC

  • Interoperability with whom? what standards are needed? CF Naming extensions?
  • AQ Discovery Metadata Convention (for use in ISO, Data Catalogs...)
  • Extend CF Naming conventions for Point Data
  • Devise human-readable CF naming equivalents?

Access rights and access management

What are the generic (ISO, GEOSS, INSPIRE) and the AQ-specific discovery metadata?
Minimal metadata for data provenance, quality, access constrains?
Single AQ Catalog? Distributed? Service-oriented?

  • GI-cat
  • uFind