Data Management Course Outline

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NOTE: We agreed that the target audience initially would be scientists


All of the modules on this site are draft materials only! They are made available here so that interested parties can see what is in development and have the chance to comment. Once modules have completed the peer and editorial review process, they will be moved to the ESIP Information Commons and placed under revision control.

Module template and Author Guidelines

For Scientists

The case for data stewardship

Data Management plans

Local Data Management

Preservation strategies

I have added draft sections below, the references need work -Ron Weaver

Responsible Data Use

For Data Managers

  • Data Management plan support
  • Collection or acquisition policies
  • Intro to OAIS reference model
  • Initial Assessment and appraisal
    • Identify information to be preserved
      • main features and properties
      • dependencies on information here or elsewhere
    • Identify objects to be received
    • Establish complementary information needs (e.g., format, data descriptions, provenance, reference information, context, fixity information)
      • What complementary information is needed for data useful for climate studies (USGCRP list)
    • Assessing potential designated communities
    • Assessing probable curation duration
    • Assessing data transfer options
    • Defining access paths
    • Assessing costs and feasibility
    • Metadata, metadata standards, and levels of metadata
  • Submission agreements
    • Data integrity
    • Contacts
    • Schedule
    • Operational Procedures
    • Error reconciliation
    • Constraints
    • other aspects necessary for understanding how to support the data
  • Preparing for ingest
  • Ingesting data
    • Validation checks
    • Identifiers
    • Citations
    • Levels of service
  • Periodic re-assessment
  • Curation activities
    • Media migration
    • Format migration