CF Standard Names - Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol

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The Standard Name Table is maintained through the metadata mailing list. Given the formal concensus-based procedure and the broad acceptance of the CF conventions in the met/ocean communities, it is a very attractive model for creating an Air Chemistry extension to the exisiting Standard Names.

As of April 7, 2006, the CF table contained 755 standard names, roughly categorized fields:

  • Radiation 129
  • Hydrology 128
  • Surface 114
  • Atmosphere Dynamics 95
  • Cloud 41
  • Sea Ice 30
  • Ocean Dynamics 17
  • Carbon Cycle 16
  • Other 185

*Total 755

Among the 'Other' registered standard names one finds a handful of names relevant to air chemistry/air quality:

CF standard name canonical unit
aerosol_angstrom_exponent 1,00E+00
atmosphere_optical_thickness_due_to_aerosol 1,00E+00
atmosphere_content_of_sulfate_aerosol kg m-2
atmosphere_sulfate_content kg m-2
mass_concentration_of_sulfate_aerosol_in_air kg m-3
biomass_burning_carbon_flux ?? aerosol ? gas ?  kg m-2 s-1
mass_fraction_of_dimethyl_sulfide_in_air  1
mass_fraction_of_ozone_in_air  1
mass_fraction_of_sulfur_dioxide_in_air  1
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air  1
equivalent_pressure_of_atmosphere_ozone_content Pa
equivalent_thickness_at_stp_of_atmosphere_ozone_content m
mass_fraction_of_ozone_in_air 1,00E+00
mole_fraction_of_ozone_in_air 1,00E+00
atmosphere_water_content kg m-2
surface_carbon_dioxide_mole_flux mol s-2 s-1
specific_humidity kg/kg moist air
humidity_mixing_ratio kg/kg dry air
atmosphere_water_vapor_content kg m-2
Rhusar 22:12, 18 April 2006 (CDT)