Agclimate telecon 2014-04-01

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Please note our new telecon time 3 pm ET.

  1. Identify specific work we could do that would benefit LTAR and NAL (data archive)
  2. Explore larger context of USDA Regional Climate Hubs and Climate Data Initiative
  3. ???
    • Speaker or discussant
  1. Mark Walbridge (discussant, on identifying work)
  2. Simon Liu (speaker, on NAL and LTAR data archive)
  3. Bill Hohenstein (speaker, on Climate Hubs, ...)

Attendees: Arif Albayrak, Barry Weiss, Erin Robinson, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Seung-Hee Kim, Smiley Calderon, one other (?), Bill Teng


  • Bill noted that the Cluster's proposed session for the Summer meeting is in the wiki (Frisco Summer 2014 Meeting agenda), currently mostly just a title. Details to be added.
  • Bill suggested that our focus of the Summer meeting, and from now leading up to the meeting, should be identifying some specific work on which the Cluster could collaborate with LTAR, perhaps to be completed by end of 2014.
  • Erin noted that the ESIP Products and Services Committee's Testbed would be one option to get some funding (~$5-8K) to do some technology development. This could be in conjunction with some identified work with LTAR. Or, it could be something that the Cluster thinks might be useful for LTAR.
  • Beyond identifying the specific work with LTAR, Bill suggested other goals of the Summer meeting as (1) learning more about LTAR's plan for data archive, which will be done by the NAL (National Ag Library), headed by Simon Liu and (2) learning more about the USDA Regional Climate Hubs.
  • So, invited participants for the Summer meeting would be Mark Walbridge (LTAR), Simon Liu (NAL), and someone related to Climate Hubs.
  • Nancy suggested Charlie Walthall (USDA ARS/Beltsville), who had presented on agriculture and climate change, might be a good candidate. Jerry Hatfield (also ARS, on sabbatical at Univ. of IA?) was co-POC.

==> ACTION: Bill will meet with Simon (4/11) and Mark (4/14), on their respective participation in Summer meeting and, afterwards, will contact Charlie Walthall on possible presentation on Climate Hubs.

  • Barry Weiss, representing SMAP (to be launched Oct. 2014), noted SMAP's interest in potential users of SMAP data in the ESIP and ESIP-related communities. We agreed that, at least, information on SMAP will be provided at the session. Similarly, Bill will also bring informational material on GPM.