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Africa_Dust - Surface Concentration PM10, Dust

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Description: Surface concentration of PM10 and dust aerosol based on monitoring network by INSTITUT DE CIENCIES DE LA TERRA JAUME ALMERA, Barcelona. Parameters: PM10, Dust
Domain: Aerosol | Platform: Network | Instrument: No Instrument | Method: Point | Type: POINT | Periodicity: No Periodicity"No Periodicity" is not in the list (HOUR, HALF_HOUR, SIX_HOURS, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, FIVE_YEARS, NONE) of allowed values for the "Periodicity" property. | GeoRange: No GeoRange"No GeoRange" is not in the list (NAM, US, EUR, GLOB, SEASIA, SAM, SWASIA, AFRICA) of allowed values for the "GeoRange" property. | Time Period: No TimePeriod"No TimePeriod" is not in the list (REALTIME, HIST, FORECAST) of allowed values for the "TimePeriod" property. Key Use: No Key Uses

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