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Workspace Description

This workspace is devoted to preparation for the Feb. 12-13 Air Quality Data Summit. It is a place for background and other resource collection, collaborative planning, and then serve as a place were post-Summit continued work can take place. This is an open community and anyone is free to participate.

Things to do in the Workspace

  • Collaboratively collect resources - Please tag resources not found in this wiki, using Del.icio.us with the tag Workspace:DataSummit These links will be harvested and then sorted into their appropriate group.
  • Discuss
  • Submit Data System Profile using a word doc or on the wiki
  • Even if you are just observing the wiki, click the Watch tab for pages you are interested in following and when they are changed you will receive an e-mail. This is also helpful for re-finding pages you like. When you log in to the wiki there is a link in the upper right corner for My Watchlist - a list of all pages you are watching.
  • Add content to the AQSummit Resources page if you aren't sure where/how to add it somewhere else.