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This page is not current!!!

I've reorganized these pages. Please go the main AQ Meeting page for the current agenda and to goals, and to make any comments!

Working Agenda, where we are...add your comments here

This is not final and the agenda table is tricky to edit so add your comments here and we'll incorporate. Some remaining concerns:

  1. Does it give OAQPS enough time for feedback etc?LS:added more time for discussion in block 2
  2. I'd like an explicit slot for the Non-AQ folks (Josh Lieberman, Raj Singh).
  3. We will stay flexible about adding a few more folks to Wednesday presentations
  4. your comment...
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. ...

Format for Wed Presenters

We'll be contacting proposed presenters, here are proposed talking points for presenters (we'll ask presenters to limit presentations to 10min and address whichever 3 of the following 5 points seem most relevant):

  1. What user needs are you especially focused on now?
  2. What externally re-usable services you are working to offer now or plan/aspire to offer in the future?
  3. What service(s) do you wish were available now from others? What would you do with them?
  4. What common infrastructure do you think is most needed to improve flows and utilization of AQ data?
  5. What specific barriers to establishing this common infrastructure?

These questions are downstream oriented how do we make them more relevant to upstream providers?

The entire meeting will be accessible remotely. We will use WebEx (or something similar). (Previous discussion was of a video conference; we will use WebEx instead.) Some presenters will use remote access and feedback on the agenda is welcome even if you won't be there in person.

Working Agenda Detail

Block Time Subject Presenter
\'\'Block 1\'\'\' 1:00 Welcome, Objectives, Proposed Approach Sweeny
…for quick briefing sessions, take clarifying questions, hold discussion till end
\'\'Goals & Policy Overview\'\'\' 1:15 GEO Perspective Friedl
Weds. Afternoon 1:30 OAQPS perspective Scheffe
1:45 EPA GEO perspective Young
2:00 NASA Hilsenrath
2:15 USGEO Lindsay
2:30 ESIP AQ Falke
2:45 room for one more/time for questions
3:00 BREAK
---------- ------ ------------------------ -------------
\'\'Block 2\'\'\' 3:30 VIEWS & CMAS Schichtel, McClure, or Shankar
3:45 HTAP Network Husar
\'\'Technical & Strategic Happenings\'\'\' 4:00 AIP AQ infrastructure Robinson
4:10 Brief discussion, clarifications and updating our definition of \"Common Infrastructure\" Sweeny
Weds. Afternoon 4:30 OAQPS Air Assessment Report (Ross)* Sweeny*
OAQPS strategy* Mintz*
EPA Earth* Young*
*Above three talks could be combined or shortened
4:45 Discussion: Feedback to OAQPS/EPA Sweeny
5:00 Identify cross-cutting theames for discussion tomorrow Sweeny
5:30 Recess
---------- ------ ------------------------ -------------
\'\'Block 3\'\'\' 9:00 Funding Agency Perspectives on User Needs and Agency Roles Sweeny & Panel: Friedl, Scheffe, McCabe, Husar, Falke
\'\'Common Themes, Needs/Opportunities\'\'\'
Thurs. Morning 9:30 Brainstorm and discussion on areas of interest and opportunity from Day 1 themes... Gaps? Candidate Use Cases?
10:00 Break
---------- ------ ------------------------ -------------
Block 4 10:30 Facilitated Discussion Sweeny
\'\'Barriers and Practical Progress\'\'\' Use 1-2 use cases: visioning the systems interoperability we are building/aspiring to..
Thurs. Morning 11:15 \"What are barriers that prevent us from achieving those opportunities?\"
\"Walk through how concrete progress could occur in some example areas - what incentives/connections/infrastructure are needed?
12:30 Lunch
---------- ------ ------------------------ -------------
\'\'Block 5\'\'\' 2:00 Review of AM discussion and ID of key issues/opportunities/actions Sweeeny
Review of AM
Thurs. Afternoon
\'\'Block 6\'\'\' 2:30 An opportunity for the community to offer feedback on the GCI, the architecture of GEOSS, and the process and priorities for GEO and USGEO Friedl, Young, Lindsay
\'\'Feedback for USGEO and GEO\'\'\'
Thurs. Afternoon
tbd Break
---------- ------ ------------------------ -------------
\'\'Block 7\'\'\' tbd + 20 Where does ESIP-AQ go next, over the next 4 months / 1 year? How do we build the Community of Practice and reach out, nationally and internationally, to capitilize on these opportunities? What concrete activities should the CoP take on? Sweeny
\'\'Where does ESIP-AQ go next?\'\'\'
Thurs. Afternoon
5:30 Adjourn

Agenda in Excel and Prior Versions

Above version in excel: Media:SB_schedule_C.xls‎ (.xls)

version D (.xls)

Previous version of this in Excel is here (.xls)

The previous version is here (.xls)