AQCluster Telecons 29September11

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Attendees: Steve Ludewig, Tim Dye, Wenli Yang, Todd Plessel, Ed Fialkowski, Kari Hoijarvi, Paul Eckhardt, Martin Schultz, Oleg Goussev, Lorenzo Bigagli, Enrico Boldrini, Erin Robinson


  • Community WCS server implementation
    • Review of how home institutions responded to WCS server idea
    • Plan next steps for moving server forward


  • Updates on WCS Servers
    • Juelich: Michael Decker couldn't attend but sent an update via email: My main contribution today would have been to tell you that I'm currently arranging a travel to the ECCAD ( people - in particular Sabine Darras - in Toulouse to help them set up a WCS server for their data. If things go according to plan, I will be going there in two weeks - pretty much around the time Erin proposed for the next telecon. They store their data in a database and export it to CF-NetCDF on demand. Our first step will probably be to serve from exported NetCDF, but ultimately they would like to serve from the database directly. So this might be one of the possible things I will be looking into soon.
      • Martin added that ECCAD is serving emission data and he is making the connection to CIERA/Greg Frost.
    • NASA: Wenli Yang, has worked with Kari and installed the WCS server for AC DISC (MODIS and OMI data)
      • Action: Kari needs to debug their GetCoverage doc
      • Action: Wenli will move to operation server so others can test.
    • Sonoma Technology, Steve Ludewig - Will start WCS implementation in October
    • Northrop Grumman, Ed Fialkowski - No issues
    • DLR, Oleg Goussev - No Issues
    • Paul Eckhardt - ??? Fill-in here any updates ???
    • Enrico/Lorenzo - some colleagues at CNR could be involved in the community and contribute model data, etc. through WCS, SOS and possibly other services. Lorenzo will contact them about possible participation in the next telecon.
  • Todd Plessel - How do we find new WCS services when they become available
  • Next Call - starting metadata discussion; Where does structured metadata go in netCDF?
    • Action: Create wiki page for CF naming work AQ Naming Convention Workspace | Page for proposed set of names
    • Action: Send variable list when available of names that need to be standardized.
    • [by Lorenzo/Enrico] as a contribute to the metadata discussion, we attach our proposed conventions (File:CI OnlineResource conventions.pdf) to encode WCS access data in ISO19115 CI_OnlineResource elements. This work originated from the OGC GALEON network. These or similar arrangements could be useful to improve interoperability between discovery/access services also in the AQ CoP context.