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WCS Server

Implementing a fully interoperable data network requires agreements about a number of issues on the technical level. This includes for example the selection of [| OGC] standard(s) for geographical information exchange, the packaging of the data content (data format), and the metadata description of individual data sets and data catalogues. Eventually, all of these issues must be realized in computer code, and such code needs to be maintained and adapted to changing requirements.

The GEO AQ CoP is providing an open source community WCS server software which has demonstrated its functionality over the past years in the [DataFed] and [FZ Jülich] environments. At the Solta 2011 this code was adopted as reference implementation for the AQ data network, and several participants pledged to install the software at their data nodes or to contribute to the further development of the server functionality.

The sections below briefly summarize the main technical issues related to functioning of the AQ data network and the community WCS server tool. The section headings link to more detailed discussions about each of these issues.

WCS Server Software

Quick Links: Access to source code and documentation @SourceForge, Introduction and quick-start presentation
Download | Install server | Libraries
Grid data | Create CF netCDF files | Example
Point data | SQL Server Interface | Example

==WCS and netCDF Tools and Methods

CF Checker
CF related tools
ncML | ncDUMP | nc lib