2012 Nominations and Ballot

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

2012 Call for Nominations: Elected Offices and Nominees

Each year, the ESIP Federation conducts elections of its officers, committee chairs and Administrative Committee members. We are at the time of year when we begin accepting nominations for the following positions which are elected Federation-wide:

(Click on each Position to view its description and Committee's role)



Karl Benedict, Earth Data Analysis Center, UNM Bill Michener/Chris Lenhardt

Vice President

Annette Schloss, University of New Hampshire Dave Jones/Dave Meyer

Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair

Rob Raskin, JPL Brian Wee/Mohan Ramamurthy

Finance and Appropriations Committee Chair

Chuck Hutchinson, University of Arizona Jim Frew/Phil Yang

Partnership Committee Chair

John Scialdone, CIESIN, Columbia University Annette Schloss/Chris Lenhardt

Education Committee Chair

Becky Reid, Olive Grove Charter School Margaret Mooney/Bruce Caron

Information Technology & Interoperability Committee Chair

Matt Austin, NOAA/TPIO Karl Benedict/Ted Habermann

Products and Services Committee Chair

Ken Keiser, University of Alabama in Huntsville Tyler Stevens/Rob Raskin

Nominations will be accepted through December 1, 2011. Send nominations to carolbmeyer@esipfed.org and erinrobinson@esipfed.org. Multiple nominees for any office are welcome.

In addition, each ESIP Type elects representatives to each Administrative Committee. The current ESIP Type Representatives will be contacting their respective caucuses to begin accepting nominations for representatives to the following Committees:

Executive Committee (ESIP Type Representative)
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Finance and Appropriations Committee
Partnership Committee

The President, Vice-President, Committee Chairs and Type Representatives serve on the ESIP Federation Executive Committee.
The President, Vice-President, Finance and Appropriation Committee Chair, and Type Representatives also serve on the Board of the Foundation for Earth Science.