2011-06-13: Multiple versions of data

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Data Flow...Acquisistion and Usage cycles

Value adding steps in Achuisistion cycle

Value adding seps in Usage cycle

Data adoptation to specifc domain




Background on Data Versioning

As AQ data are offered as web servies, a specific dataset may be served by several WCS servers. Each server may offer some level of value-adding processing to the 'raw' AQ data. However, the (1) different data offerings are generally not coordinated, (2) there is no convention for 'standard' processing and (3) usually there is typically inadequate documentation of the precise data flow, processing steps and specific algorithms used. As a consequence, the clients of such data access services are unaware of is the

ACP and Juelich/WUSTL linkages

Use Case: OMI NO2 data servers

The purpose of this page is to (1) Identify the different servers where the OMI NO2 data can be accessed by an AQ user; (2) evaluate the provenance (processing history) of each offering; (3) detect and quantify differences between the offered services